Regenerative oil drops 50 ml

£7.99 / pcs

Effective combination of 7 herbs may boost the Immune System. May useful for recovery from surgery or trauma!
Very strong antioxidants!

Ingredients: Blessed Thistle (Saint Benedict Thistle), Nettle Leaf extract, Horseradish Root extract, Brown Seaweed extrcat, Burdock Root extract, Clover extract, Flaxseed oil

Quantity: 50 ml

Daily Dose: 10 drops/day

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Effective combination of 7 herbs from the ancient times' traditional medicine. Speeds up recovery, vitality, regeneration!


  • Flaxseed Oil
    Among herbal oils has the most rich content of Omega-3 and an optimal ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Thanks to its active ingredients promotes the normal operation of cardiovascular sytem, brain, level of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Its Vitamin B complex is a key essential for pregnants and their embryos. Has valuable function in binding heavy metals and also water in the body.Products
  • Horseradish Oily Extract
    Part of the product, Horseradish oil is well-known about its long lasting antiviral-, and antibacterail effects.Products
  • Stinging Nettle Extract
    Has diuretic, depurant, detox, anti-inflammatory effects. Promotes the normal operation of the immune system, and lower blood sugar level. Beneficial for rheumatoid deseases, arthritis which are often applied by the traditional mecicine.Products
  • Blessed Thistle
    Supports digestion, improves appetite and increases gall-, and gastric acid production. Its active ingredients support the regeneration of the liver too.Products
  • Brown Algae (Kelp)
    In colliquial language known as Kelp. Rich in Chlorophyll, Béta Carothene (A-provitamin), Iodine, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Sulfur, Copper, Zinc and Manganese. Also rich in Vitamin-B2, and Niacin (Vitamin-B3). Thanks to its Iodine and Potassium content supports the healthy operation of the Cardiovascular System,decreases the level of bad Cholesterol, improves Blood Pressure as a vasodilator. Causes by its Iodine supports the normal operation of Thyroid and increases metabolism thus helps weight loss processes.Products
  • Greater Burdock Root Extract
    Rich in B1-, B2-, B3-, B5-, B6-, B12-, C-, E-vitamins. Also rich in Copper, Manganese, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, and Zinc. In traditional medicine often uses as depurant and detox. Strong antioxidant and immune booster. Has atibacterial effect. Rich in Inulin, one of the most important prebiotic, thus helps weight loss processes and improve the health of the bacterial flora of the intestinals.Products
  • Red Clover
    Rich in Vitamins and Minerals. In ancient cultures used for keeping energy and vitality. Depurant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, diuretic. Thanks to its Oestro-Phytogens soothes the symptoms of Menopause. Strong antioxidant and immune booster.Products